mango leather

Stylish | Unique | Vegan

The incredible transformation of discarded mangoes into a vegan leather-like material - Made in Rotterdam!
The noble and very high-quality mango leather gives our VEDERWERK handbags a first-class and unique look!

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positive effects

Make the world a little bit better

  • Extremely high-quality and noble material

  • Encouraging intelligent use of discarded mangoes, thereby raising food awareness.

  • Reduction of food waste (45% of all fruits are thrown away in the food industry because they do not meet quality standards)

  • 100% vegan

Production of mango leather

By a designer duo from Rotterdam

  1. Obtain the mangoes that have been sorted out, stone them and mix them up.

  2. Blended with a unique formula created by the founders.

  3. Smooth out, dry and upgrade the surface. The unique mango leather is ready, made in Rotterdam!