Seed paper

Seed paper

"Where flowers bloom, the world smiles!"

The product label on our VEDERWERK Bags is made of handmade seed paper.


What seed paper?

Seed paper is a sustainable upcycling idea made from waste paper. As the word suggests, seed paper is made from seeds and paper. 
The wonderful thing is that you can plant the seed paper and after a short time summer flowers will grow

Plant seed paper

Seed paper is pretty easy to plant - even without a green thumb 😉 


1 - Preperation Fill a pot with 2/3 plant soil. Place the pot in a sunny place, but the seed paper should not get too much heat.
2 - Planting Place the plant paper on the plant soil. Sprinkle about 0.5 cm of soil on the seed paper and gently press the soil.
3 - Watering Water the seed paper until it is moistened (do not drown!). For the seeds to germinate, the seed paper should always be kept moist for the first 10 days. 
4 - Let it Grow  Continue to keep the paper moist as soon as the first seeds germinate. However, a little less than before. When the florets are a little firmer in the ground, occasional watering will be enough.
The best time for planting seed paper is in the spring or summer.

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