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You are looking for vegan handbags made of high quality and unique materials? For yourself or maybe as a vegan and sustainable gift idea? Welcome to VEDERWERK! We have made it our mission to shake up the fashion world with our vegan bag brand and replace commercial materials with vegan fashion, made from innovative and sustainable materials! On our materials pages you can find an overview and all the important facts about our materials, like the origin and the respective manufacturing process. Currently we work with cactus leather, mango leather, grape leather and cork.



We obtain our cactus leather directly from the land of cacti - MEXICO! The manufacturing process is ingenious: After the mature leaves of the prickly pear are cut, cleaned and sun-dried, the patented preparation into the cactus material takes place. The water needed for irrigation in the manufacturing process is bound by the cactus completely independently from the humidity in the air. This is one reason why cactus leather is not only completely vegan, but also absolutely sustainably produced. We use the cactus leather as the main material of our Classic collection. The VEDERBAG Classic can be transformed into an infinite number of styles thanks to the interchangeable flaps. The bag base is always made of our finest cactus leather. The flap is also made of cactus leather by default, but can be exchanged with a flap made of mango leather, grape leather or cork as desired. Our Vederbag Classic made of cactus leather is currently available in black, white, blue, red, gray and blue. But - stay tuned - new fancy colors will be dropped soon! Store our cactus leather bags!


Picture 1: Taschenset Classic - Cactus Lady in Red aus Kaktus-Leder



Innovation meets sustainability and quality! Our Mango leather catapults our bags to the next level. Made of the highest quality and with an incredibly pleasant feel, our flaps of mango leather shine in their unmistakable jungle look. But mango leather isn't just a visual champion: sorted-out mangoes that would be thrown away in the food industry are recycled to make this vegan and sustainable material. A full 45% of all fruit is thrown away in the food industry because it does not meet "quality standards." A shockingly high number! All the better that FRUITLEATHER has developed a manufacturing process to recycle discarded mangoes. After the discarded mangoes are pitted and mixed, the mixture is blended with a unique and secret recipe. The surface is smoothed, dried and upgraded. The fact that such a sustainable, high-quality and vegan material is created from this is incredible and at the same time absolutely ingenious!


 Picture 2: Flap Classic – Mango Turtle Natural aus Mango-Leder

We use the Mango leather for our Jungle flaps of the Classic collection. We currently have two colors and textures: Mango Turtle Natural, which is reminiscent of a turtle pattern in a brown tone and its structure, and Mango Jungle Black, which resembles a cobra pattern in its black matte structure. Both materials are haptically and visually absolutely high-quality and make our Classic Bases a very special eye-catcher! Store our flaps made of mango leather!


 Picture 3: Flap Classic – Mango Jungle Black aus Mango-Leder


We take grapes, oils and a large portion of love - and finally get finest grape leather

What better to make from grapes than a nice red wine? No, not white wine, but vegan, sustainable leather made from grapes. Take grapes from wine production, vegetable oils and natural fibers and mix them with a strong pinch of innovation and passion. The result is a top material - our grape leather from Italy. As with the mango leather, the first step in the production process of the grape leather is to procure sorted grapes from the wine production. Vegetable oils and natural bevels are added, which are then baked. The surface is refined in a final step, creating the unique grape leather. Again, we do not want to emphasize less that the number of fruits, which due to lack of quality standards, is alarmingly high at 45%. All the better that the founders of our grape leather were able to find a very sustainable way to use these grapes, giving us a unique material.


 Picture 4: Classic – Grape Glossy Black aus Trauben-Leder

We use the grape leather for our Classic collection. Base and Flap are available in this material. Whether in itself or with a flap of cactus leather, mango leather or cork, the Grape Glossy black is a real eye-catcher! Currently we use the Glossy structure in black. But we are already working on additional structures and colors - stay tuned! Store our Grape leather bags!



Anyone who has ever been to the Portuguese Algarve will notice very quickly that cork has long since arrived in the fashion world and is also very often used in bag production. Because that's exactly where cork comes from - the beautiful Algarve. For the production of cork, the top layer is removed from the cork oak without damaging the tree. The cork is then joined together by means of glue to form large panels. These sheets are then cut very thin and applied to substrates. Finally, the finishing process takes place, creating patterns and colors. This manufacturing technique makes the material ecological, sustainable and particularly durable. Fun fact: A cork oak tree can live up to 200 years. So the lyrics "old as a tree" actually make sense! During this time, the cork oak can be harvested up to 10 times - so technically every 20 years. This is possible because the trees are not damaged during harvesting. Cork is therefore also a renewable and thus sustainable natural product that is not exposed to the release of solvents or hazardous compounds.


 Picture 5: Flap Classic – Cork Leo aus Kork 

When selecting our cork materials, we pay attention to the uniqueness of the materials in addition to the quality. We are super fond of using cork as it-pieces flaps. Besides the Shiny and Lightning Flaps our Nature and Leo Flaps are very popular. Take a look for yourself - the combination of cactus and cork is simply extraordinary. Store our cork flaps!


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